Sunday, February 1, 2009

Giving Birth To A Blog

Almost there! My blog is actually starting to look like a blog...well, I'm getting closer anyway. I'll start posting works that I have done in the past and works in progress, so that everyone can take a look. I have wanted to get my blog going for sooooo long now, that I'm having a bit of a 'giving birth euphoria' going on right now...I know, call me crazy. I'm working on my website too, so it's like giving birth to twins I guess. Just to make it clear, I have had the 'real' kids too (they are now ages 9 and 4), so I'm hoping that gives me permission to use the 'giving birth' euphemism.......lets hope so.
Here are a few pieces of my work to get us started. There are many more, I just need to get all the images together to post. I am working on a few pieces now as well. How many hours are in a day? It's all good.

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