Friday, February 20, 2009

Pendants In The Making

Here are some of the pendants I have been working on and have many more in the making. They are one of a kind, original, handpainted, wearable pieces of art! I am not sure if I am going to offer these as pendants only, or whether to create the full necklace. Most likely, pendants only. This way, I will have more time to paint. Each one is signed/dated and has a different scripture on each one as well. Still working out the details of the packaging but will most likely have the full scripture included. Will post the others once completed and get them photographed.


  1. Lorrie!

    I love the pendants (and all of your art too) and would love to have them for sale at my gallery.

    Call me at daas 239-939-1194 to see what we can do. We do a 40/60 commission agreement with artists. Jewelry is a big hit at the gallery!

    Let me know!!

    David Acevedo

  2. haha Lorrie, like my user name? I am interested in these pendants. Send me a message at facebook....regarding pricing. My wife would LOVE one.

  3. I love the blog!!! I did not know u were into this....not that u r living in another decade or something i just have not seen u nat all lately or my rwo cousins=( I love the pendents....they are absolutely gorgous! Kayla told me what a wonderful time she had with you and the room looks great!! I am on facebook don't know if your on there too?? But would like to keep in touch more who are getting more and more beautiful and big! Best to all of you, April


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