Monday, May 11, 2009

Sea Of Fun

Busy, Busy, Busy! Love it when I'm busy. So much has been accomplished since last post. The biggest thing, I think, is that I just bought an unbelievable new printer to print my work with. I have been doing a lot of research trying to find the right professional printer that, first, I could afford and, second, was still going to give me the quality needed for the necessary archival needs. I certainly am not going to have happy customers if my prints start fading over time! Well, I found the printer and it is remarkable! The HP Photosmart Pro B8850, large format photo printer. It uses the Vivera HP pigment inks that are engineered to resist fading for over 100 years! It uses 8 ink cartridges and produces AMAZING colors. I am so pleased with it. Can't wait to get everything scanned, printed and ready to go. Yippee! Working on a lot of artwork too. Some good, some not so good. Had someone that wanted a pendant for his wife for Mothers Day, finished it on Friday, Saturday put the resin on, checked on it later that day and it looked like goop! Not sure what happened but it totally ruined the entire piece. Sunday was Mothers Day and I couldn't fix the piece in time. Will be re-painting the piece and try to get it to him ASAP and I am so glad he understood. Sometimes, these things happen, but hate it when it does! I also finished this colorful watercolor that I had started and I have to say, watercolors are soooo great to work with. I just love them. You don't have to have a lot of 'set-up' which is so great when life is busy. This one was so much fun to do and the kids really wanted to watch the progress, which was nice. Have a few more that I should be finishing soon and will post when done. Well, onto more painting....till next time....


  1. As the unlucky customer, I know that sometimes there are accidents when you are making handmade items. No biggie. I know it will get done and it will be magnificent. You are welcome to post a picture of it here when done everyone can see. I have faith...because I know how talented you are. At painting that is! ;)

    I'm soooooooooo bad.

  2. Thanks for the faith, working on it now. Whew! Will certainly post when done too!


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