Wednesday, December 29, 2010

'invitation only' art festival

In the chaos of this day - and believe me, there has been a lot - I forgot to mention some further good news...I recently received an invitation to participate in the Splash Art Festivals outside of Atlanta, Georgia this coming year. These are 'invitation only' festivals and I am so excited I was included!! Looks like there will be over 170 national and regional artists and, of course, me! I was looking at the artists from this year and many were very well known and accomplished artists. So exciting. There are 2 festivals, one in May 2011 (the Dunwoody Art Festival) and one in October 2011 (the Norcross Art Fest). I accepted the invitation for the Norcross Art Fest in October. I thought that October 2011 would give me more time for inventory and I do hope to have a few other art festivals/art shows under my wing by then. Not to mention, I bet the weather will be delightful!
Amazing how things are starting to happen! I wonder what's ahead that I don't even know about yet...only time will tell! Stay tuned!

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