Wednesday, June 8, 2011

the journey of growth

Direction. Diversity. Dilemma. Decisions. Growing! Growth is good. And for me lately, a bit challenging. For some time now, quite a while actually, I have been struggling to 'find' my artistic me. To hone in on what is my strength, my passion, my style. Who I really am as an artist.
It's time to GROW.

'Growing' - Original Mixed Media Collage ACEO 2.5"x3.5"
Pen & Ink, White Gel Pen, Art Paper on 180 lb.Hot Press WC Paper

Click here...Original ACEO in my Etsy Shop
I am torn. As an artist, while I work on one medium or style, I am dreaming about another. I can't wait to try a new technique or color combination. Creating for me is like dinner. Many foods. Many ways to prepare them. I just don't want the same meal every single night. But yet, I love it all. This is my dilemma. And this can be critical when you want your work to be recognized as your own. I have numerous pieces of work, in all styles and mediums, at Green-n-Groovy a local gallery downtown and Lisa, the owner, tells me all the time that patrons are shocked and amazed when they come across my tags, realizing that they were all created by the same artist. Yet, I sell pieces from every collection of work. Advantage or detriment? They like the work, they buy the work, but do they know my name?

I create because I have to. It is who I am. I am not an artist that will ever only work in one medium or one style. I experience just as much excitement with a palette full of color as I do with a palette limited to only black and white. Choosing one material or craft or technique would be like choosing only one of my children. It is impossible to choose. I love them all. I have spent the past year or so really reading and studying many other artists and their work. Examining the diversities, the successes, the many aspects of working as a professional artist. 'Don't rely on income from only one source'. 'Create a recognizable style that becomes your own'. 'Brand yourself'. 'Create what you love'. 'Don't limit yourself'.....and a partridge in a pear tree (hmmm, just thought of a design idea...oops, sorry...back to what I was saying). Growth sure does make my head hurt!

Ultimately, there are some things that will have to change. I have to make, perhaps, some difficult decisions in both creative and business areas of my life. It is imperative that, as an artist, I do NOT forsake anything that fills my creative cup. As a business woman, it's time to establish a specific artistic business plan and commit to it.
I'm ready!

I am still working through the many details and I know limiting myself could be dangerous, too. I don't want that. I also know that I need to hone in on my strengths, determine what sells, what could reach a wider range of customers/clients, what could expand into larger venues, etc., etc. Whew! and Egad! So be forewarned, you will start seeing some changes around here, some restructure, some redesign, less of some work, more of others (perhaps combining mediums and styles), probably even some test runs here and there. I want to go where everybody knows my name. I look forward to feedback, too. Inquiring minds want to know. Giveaways and interviews are also things I have wanted to implement for some time now. Check. It's on the list. I feel like this is the first day of the rest of my successful creative life! How exciting is that? It's very exciting! Now let's get this party started....


  1. I have enjoyed your blog very much and was almost surprised by this post until I realized the reason it sounds so familiar is because you have managed to voice themes I recognize in my own creative life, but had yet to name! I am so excited for you - the decisions can be difficult to make but for every door you decide to leave closed (for now - after all, you're not bricking up the doorway!), you may find a beautiful focus on another that until now you merely skimmed by in a creative daze.... I can't wait to see what your future brings and look forward to your sharing the journey. Let it commence! (PS - I make a pretty devilish good chocolate raspberry "Death By Chocolate" cake if you need a little fueling up at that party... Heheheeeeee)

  2. Very pretty! I always like your art cards :o)

  3. Martha: thank you so much. It means a lot! Especially now.

    Christina: You are right. There will be no bricking up the doorway! It's one thing to create 'just because' and quite another to create for the sole purpose of making a living. You're right, I feel like I am coming into an amazing creative's exciting! Oh, and count me in for the cake! Yummmm!

  4. You state so clearly what I have long struggled with too! Your ACEOs are beautiful!

  5. Looks like you are going through the same thing that I am. Too many mediums, too little time! And I love your use of color!!

  6. Craftymouse & Krakenmosaics: As I am finding out, this seems to be a common struggle among many artists!! Perhaps we will all learn from each other. I will certainly elaborate further on this subject, for sure! Thx for the lovely compliments as well.


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