Thursday, April 3, 2014

elephant painting

I was just reading through my posts and realized soooo much has occurred since I last posted here. Too much, really, to be able to catch everyone up completely. How about a quick overview...we moved (always so much work!), school started for the kids, participated in a little art show that I almost sold out of everything I brought (it was exhilarating!), sold every single wearable art handbag I talked about over the past several posts (They were a big hit! Getting ready to paint and sew up some more!), I started a fantastic job with Wine and Canvas where I get to teach groups of people to paint while we sip wine, eat, sing and just have the best of time (I love it!), and among other things, I found time to paint and create!!

  'Elephant Majesty' Acrylic 20"x20"

I really loved working on this elephant. Well, I always love working on whatever I am working on at any given moment. It's like falling in love...over and over and over again. The mystery of the blank canvas. The excitement of the blank canvas. The first touch of paint to the surface. The textures. The colors. Explorations. Transformations. The growth. The comfort. The building of layers until something amazing transforms. It becomes you. How can I not want to experience that all the time, right?

This year I am trying to work differently than I have in the past. Working on getting out of my comfort zone. Loosen up. Paint from deep inside. I also want to take my work away from my studio. Go to the park. To the Slough. Change my surroundings. I know these things will take me places I don't even realize yet. For my elephant painting, I put the paint brush down through most of it and my hands became my main instrument. I loosened up and just 'experienced' the painting at a different level than I have been used to. Get that type A personality out of the room and experience the process, the birth of the elephant, the colors, the layers. I didn't want to lose my style, my techniques. But I wanted to experience something new. I have had a lot of positive feedback and inquiries, so I guess I am heading in the right direction. It's exciting.

I have several more to post and I promise..I really, really post those over the next few days.
See you then....

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